Thursday, January 10, 2019

Retreat Details!

We are about four weeks out from our amazing retreat at the Embassy Suites!  I don't know about you all, but I have started playing in my head with what I am packing and planning to (attempt to) accomplish over the weekend!  I want to share my brand tried and true, patented packing list, so don't forget to keep scrolling until you find it!

First, I wanted to share some details about the event space.  Every time we go to a new space, it is always a little bit different.  At the Embassy Suites, our table arrangement will be a touch different.  Instead of tables of four people, we will be in groups on 8.  This is super awesome for big groups of scrapping friends attending the retreat together!  Unfortunately, this means that not everyone will have an end seat.  There will still be plenty of crop space per person!  We will be sitting two people to an 8' table.  You will have a really generous 4 feet of scrapping space available for you, your Ott Lite, and all the goodies you can imagine.

I know that like me, you guys love a good collapsible wagon to carry your stuff in too!  We will have space for them, if they are put under the table in a specific way.  You will have to scoot to the end of your table space and put the wagon between you and your table mate.  There should be plenty of room, if they are parked this way.  You can also just use your wagon for loading and unloading if that is easier for you!  There will be more space in the aisles this year and Sara has made sure that we all have enough space by limiting registration.

Okay, and now to the packing list!  This comprehensive list was compiled by your suggestions and my experience of leaving important things behind (yes, it is true)!  I use it as a guide to pack for all my retreats and some crops too!  As always, we will have a mini-store at the retreat (and the big store is just a few minutes away), if you need to pick up some basics.

Retreat Packing List - Scrapbook Things
o Paper trimmer
o Scissors
o Adhesive tape AND liquid glue
o Journaling pens
o Project kits
o Thickers!
o Embellishments
o Paper lines (stored in class bags!)
o Stamps
o Dies and inks
o Cricut or Silhouette
o Cutting mat
o Ottlite or small table lamp
o Power strip
o Selphy printer
o Trash container
o Album and page protectors – a place for those finished layouts

Retreat Packing List - Non-Scrapbook Things
o Tissues
o Blanket or jacket
o PJ’s
o Flipflops or slide-on shoes
o Slippers
o A wide variety of snacks
o Checkbook
o Lunchbox to keep drinks cold
o iPad/Laptop/Tablet AND headphones

I highly recommend packing for a variety of weather!  Sometimes, ballrooms are really cold, sometimes they are super hot.  I don't know about you, but I have a hard time working if I am on either end of the temperature spectrum. So, plan ahead and tuck a jacket and a short sleeved tshirt in there.  Also, because it is such a large group, we do ask that you wear headphones while watching that Tim Holtz tutorial or latest season of This is Us!

We are so excited to scrap with you all soon! 
Now, go get crafty!