Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mixed Views

When Anderson was born one of the decisions I wanted to thoughtfully make was how to do his scrapbook.  It seems silly, but I knew that it was important to me and it needed to be maintainable.  I inherited MANY boxes of photos of my childhood that I scrapbooked and I didn’t want that for my kids. 
When I scrapbooked my own childhood, I did exclusively 12x12 layouts.  When I scrapbooked my life as an adult, I did exclusively Project Life.  I really enjoyed both types of scrapping, but found that I got creative fatigue after a while.  For me, the pro’s of a 12x12 layout is really getting to highlight a memory and tell a story in great detail.  However, I know that I have taken thousands of pictures of my sweet boy and there is no way that I can scrap all of that.  The Project Life/pocket pages allow me to use more pictures to highlight the special moments and the everyday stuff that I would not have made into a 12x12.  I don’t like, however, how sometimes it feels like everything is equal and I don’t get to isolate certain events. 
So, I did what any good scrapper would do – I decided to do it all!  My album is a combination of 12x12 and pocket pages and I love the way it looks.  I feel like my eyes don’t get tired looking at it and I have the ability to include so many more pictures than if I was just making a 12x12 layout album.  The balance is really unique when the pages are split.
This style does require a bit of planning and this is how I do it! I print pictures, about 3 months worth at a time. Three months is enough to feel like I don’t have to do it all the time, without being an overwhelming quantity of prints.  Often, I print pictures in a whole size and a half size print using Picasa (a free picture editing software that is really easy to use). 

My prints from Walgreens…
After retrieving my loot from Walgreens, I cut half size pictures into two and I sort the pictures and label them with a sticky note with any details and a date.  Then, I sort my pictures into their pocket pages or 12x12 pages.  I leave the sticky note with the picture to help my brain when it is time to embellish.  I scrap chronologically so I do my best to get everything relatively in order.  I go ahead and do this at home so it doesn’t take up my scrapping time when I am out of the house!  This is also when I decide which pictures to make into 12x12 layouts and which ones are just going in pocket pages.

Half page pocket (6x12) on the left and a 12x12 layout on the right, with a pocket page behind.