Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Treats... for Scrapbookers!

Happy Halloween! 
I hope everyone is ready for a day of fun tricks and treats... and a handful of fun sized candy bars! 

I love, love, love some Halloween scrapbook paper!  Something about it makes me so happy on the inside, which is really interesting considering it isn't really my favorite holiday (that belongs to Easter).  But, I love the spooky ghosts and bright colors of Halloween.  So, I asked the wonderful SITC City Chicks to share some of their favorite Halloween Layouts with you guys on the blog today!  I told them to look in your stash for old or new, didn't matter - just share your favorites with blog land!  So, without further ado....

City Chick Amanda Johnson

City Chick Amanda Hillard

City Chick Lesley Miller (me!)

So, think about those pictures you are snapping tonight and just how you plan to scrapbook them!  My little "car expert" is going to love being in ALL THE PICTURES  (because, sometimes, holidays are for moms)!  Drop your favorite Halloween layout in the comments of our Facebook post (that links to this blog article) so we can see your little witches and wizards for Halloween!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Don't forget the share your Halloween layouts on our Facebook and Instagram page! 

Now, go get crafty (and eat some candy!)

PS- Huge thanks to Amanda H and Amanda J!!!! You guys are the best 😘

Monday, October 30, 2017

Echo Park's A Perfect Autumn!

I was walking through the store yesterday and Echo Park's Perfect Autumn line caught my eye! When I was sitting down to write this last night, I hopped over the the Echo Park blog for inspiration and I found something super cute!

I don't know about you all, but I love to send Halloween treats to big kids - my grown up friends and co-workers - and something about a plain fun size candy bar just doesn't seem perfect.  But, using this line to create something does seem a touch more appropriate for adults! 

How cute are these!  I love the boxes, but I mostly love the leaf and bow embellishment on the top!  It looks so much "fancier" than just a regular treat and perfect for sharing with others.  These were cut on a cameo, but you could use the Lawn Fawn tiny box template or pillow box template.  

The line features these orange and brown colors which we see all the time this time of year and so many cute embellishments!  This little blue truck caught my eye - perhaps because my son looooves trucks, but his bright color is so beautiful against the page!  

Swing by the store to get your "Perfect Autumn" and don't forget to share your finished product with us on Instagram and Facebook!  

Now, go get crafty!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Just ONE WEEK...

Until the Reset Girl arrives here in Knoxville!  I can't wait to get my planner on - who is with me!

She will be teaching two  classes here - Love Yourselfie and Faithful Girl!  Both of our classes are currently SOLD OUT, you can always hop on the wait list, because things happen and you never know!  (Get on the wait list here and here)  If you are in the class, don't forget to drop by the store and get any extra class supplies you may be missing!  

  • Good scissors or paper trimmer
  • 10 sheets of cardstock scrapbook paper you LOVE (I do not recommend the paper pad type)
  • Bring a favorite 2x3” sized photo of each of your family members (size does not have to be exact, think smaller than a postcard)
  • Strong craft glue stick - Cori recommends this one from Ranger!
  • A5-sized ring bound planner like the Simple Stories Carpe Diem brand - check out our choices here!

If you can't make it to the store, shop online and select pick up in store and we will have it waiting for you on Saturday!  We can't wait to see you all there!

Have any other questions??? Drop us a line in the comments or on Facebook!

Now, go get crafty!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Washi Tape Confessionals

My name is Lesley and I have a serious problem!  I love a good roll of washi tape and there aren't many I have said no to.  My stash is large and in charge.  One of the best parts of washi tape is that it is a great deal... just a few dollars for a bunch of tape.  However, that also means that you hardly ever finish a roll and the stash just keeps accumulating.  (Editor's Note: I would like to say that I did finish a roll, one time)

So, today, I wanted to share with you some research I had conducted on the best ways to use washi in your life, not just your scrapbook!  I feel that the more you use, the more you can buy!  There is always awesome new tape out there calling my name!

So, without any further ado... 12 ways to use washi!

1 ) Planners - highlighting a big section or event that goes for days??? Washi it up!

2) Highlighter - you can get little skinny washi tape now that works great as a highlighter in your planner, books, or bible!

3) Identify cords - I wrap a little bit around my phone charger so that I don't have to fumble for it next to the bed.  Also, this is great for when I take it someplace and I am not sure which cord belongs to who when I pack up.

4) Identify pens - I put a little piece of washi tape around my old lettering pens when they are dying.  I know which pens are great for using on any old surface and they are easy to see in my pencil pouch.

5) Gift tags - a little washi on a piece of cardstock and you look so fancy!!!! Extra points if you use it vertically and draw a little wick on top to be a candle!

6) Kid play - Does anyone else's kid LOVE tape??? My son loves to rip it off and wear it around the house and there is nothing better than a little washi!

7) Personalize your keys - you can fussy cut your washi tape into the inset portion of your house keys to make a cute look.  Plus, you know exactly which key is which without having to label it!

8) DIY Stickers - check this tutorial right here!

9) Extra envelope seals - grab some seasonal washi and lay it across the back of an envelope!  It dresses it up in a super easy fun way!

10) Race car roads - Again, this may just apply to me, but it is great to lay down on the floor temporarily to make roads for Matchbox cars, trains, and diggers! 

11) Holding Down the Die - Need to make sure your die stays still in your die cutter??? Grab a little bit of washi tape and stick that sucker in place.  It is super gentle when you pull it up too! 

12) Binder Clip Personalization - Turn those ugly black necessities into something amazing! 

What is your favorite way to use washi?  Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook and Instagram page!

Now, go get crafty!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gift Bag Tutorial #2!

I am back with another quick video!  I know last week, I said five minutes and it took me way longer... however, I definitely move slower when I am talking!  This week, however, this one is so simple you can definitely punch it out in a few minutes!

Editor's Note: I am currently struggling with youtube to get this video uploaded... but in the mean time, you can watch it directly at this Google Photos Link.  I will update this post with the youtube once it stops being particularly frustrating today!  

-kraft paper bag
-1 - 2" circle, red glitter cardstock
-2 - 1" circles, black cardstock
-2 - 2" circles, white cardstock
-2 antlers, cut from dark brown cardstock (you can find a recommended cut file for Silhouette here)
-adhesive (I am using Tombow Liquid Glue)

Share your finished bag with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Now, go get crafty!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lettering Classes THIS WEEKEND!

I can't believe it is rolling around again, but I am so excited to be back to teach another lettering class this SUNDAY!  I will be teaching beginning lettering for anyone who wants to give it a try at 1pm and a Bounce and Serif Class at 4! 

Beginners Lettering will take you from the how, what, and why of lettering to being on your way to lettering independently!  We will learn alphabets, pen strokes, and make a Christmas gift tag to take home!

The Bounce and Serif Lettering class will teach you two brand new styles and we will put them together to create a hand lettered art piece for your home.  We will talk about how to combine styles, learn some tricks of the trade, and walk out with a finished piece!  It is HIGHLY recommended that you have already taken the beginner class. 

Anyone unsure you can do it... I went from this before to this current! 
Nice cursive, but it isn't lettering!  But I know my 3rd grade teacher would be proud!

Always improving!  You can do it too!  
I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Let's get crafty!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Get To Know You: Design Team Edition

I wanted to take a moment to begin introducing our new Design Team members!  I sent them a list of a few of my burning questions - from snacks to embellies - to get their feedback... so first up is Amanda Leggett!

First off - love the picture!  I want to come over and scrapbook!!!!

Okay... now to the tough questions!

Favorite Adhesive: Hands down, Scrapbook Adhesives E- Squares - they never let me down!

Favorite Holiday to Scrapbook: Christmas

Must Have Scrap Snack: Angie's Kettle Corn Popcorn

Go-to Embellishment: Enamel dots always make a layout better (hence the box full of hundreds)

Favorite Product/Company: It's very hard to pick just one, but I've been buying A LOT of Simple Stories this past year.  I love crisp colors, and they have style I identify with these days! (Editor's Note: You are about to be in heaven with the new Christmas AND Simple Stories lines headed to the store!)

I am a huge fan of Amanda's incredible fussy cutting and attention to details! It is absolutely beautiful! 

Be sure to drop by the store to see Amanda's beautiful work in person!  We are so glad you are part of our design team!!!  Welcome aboard!

Now, let's get inspired and get crafty!

Friday, October 20, 2017

More sneak peeks from Photoplay!

We are so excited to see the brand new Photoplay lines!  All three will be headed to the store this fall... so keep an eye out of the Facebook page for their exact arrival time.  I think I am most excited about the second line.  I love the way Photoplay seems to always knock "boy" paper out of the park!  The bright colors and fun patterns are perfect for any kid on the go!

First up, Becky Fleck has made an amazing line for Photoplay called Memory Lane!  The fall colors are gorgeous and I am loving that family tree!  All the heart eyes, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Second is my personal favorite... Boys Rule!  Love the colors and the patterns and the cars!  It is super versatile for kids of all ages.  Even though it is "Boys Rule," I can totally see some cute girl pages coming from here!  (Side note: That robot is totally going on a BattleBots layout for my scrapbook!)

And, last but not least, the holiday that always gets me with precious papers... Love Notes, just in time for Valentine's Day.  This line was also designed by Becky Fleck.  I love everything about this line and that flying pig is too cute!!!   I really feel like these die cuts are going to go a long way for me too!  

These new lines don't ship until next month, so keep your eyes on Facebook and the blog for exact arrival dates.  Can't wait that long?  Call the store and reserve your set of each of these goodies!  We will hold them and call you when it arrives so you can have it first!

Now, go get crafty!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dear Lizzy Stargazer!

This new line dropped into the store last week and we are so glad it is here!  The bright colors and fun patters are a perfect end of summer line from Dear Lizzy.  All of Stargazer is really versatile and lends itself well to cutting and trimming to make something so cute! 

Currently, we have these super cute jumbo paper clips and the star embellishments in the store.  If there is something else in her line you have your eyes on, please let us know and we can special order it just for you!

So, I hopped on my latest place to find inspiration, Instagram, and grabbed a few amazing cards, layouts, and other goodies featuring this line!  

I just think these are so darn cute!  Which one is your favorite?  Swing by and grab your own set of Stargazer and go get crafty!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Christmas Tree Gift Bag Tutorial!

You asked and we filmed! This is the first of the three gift bag tutorials headed your way just in time to get your Christmas gifts home made!

Today, we are making a Christmas tree with Christmas paper "leftovers."  This is easily a five minute project... it took me longer, because talking slows my fingers down.  And, I promise, you probably have every supply in your stash already!

Supply List:
-plain paper bag
-different green cardstocks (I used 5, you could use however many you have - think about raiding your old Christmas paper lines)
-glitter cardstock
-adhesive (I am using Miracle Tape)
-trimmer and scissors

And without further ado, here is the video!

Now, go get crafty!  Be sure to share your finished projects with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Classes for less than $15!

Did you know that tomorrow we have two classes for less than $15 on the calendar?  In two hours, you will make a complete home decor piece that is versatile and can be changed from season to season!  We will be making apple barrels and candy corn barrels. 

The classes are offered at both 12 noon and 6pm to work with anyone's crazy schedule!  It will take about 2 hours for you to go from raw wood product to something adorable for your mantle or home decor table!  Want to register or reserve a class kit to work on at home?  Call the store or register right here and here!  Also, you can do both kits!  You just may not finish them both in 2 hours. 

Now, come see us and get crafty!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Simple Stories Reveal Week Recap!

Last week, Simple Stories had their fall reveal week and shared with us six amazing new lines!  All of these will be available for purchase sometime in November.  If there is one you are just dying to get your hands on, give us a call and we can hold it for you when it comes in the store!

So, without further ado, Simple Stories!

First up is Sub Zero!  This is a really different look from their winter lines in the past!  The colors are bright and bold and the backgrounds are in the gray family.  They still have the whimsical feel of winter - I love the snowmen in sweaters and the gondolas!  It will be perfect for scrapping those ski trips and snow days.

Next up is Romance... at first I was a little worried it would be too fussy, but I really like this line.  It is beautiful for a wedding or anniversary!  Personally, I love the lettering and the flowers.  The key is a really sweet symbolic touch too!  What is your favorite element of the line?

Reveal day three had two mini lines to offer, because you can't have one without the other!  Life is Ruff and Purrrfect Days are the cutest little critter lines.  I love the dog line and the bold colors - also, that pup in the layout makes me want to cuddle!  The cat lines has the cutest salmon fish paper and I really think it pops with the turquoise accents.  I may be a bit biased as I write this, however, with two pups sitting on my feet.  

Our last day!  Day four revealed two more mini-lines!  First up, to ring in the new year... the line is called 2018!  The simple graphic lines are perfect for anyone's new years and will even match the really old New Year's Hats I have in the closet from waaaay back!  

 The last new line is called St. Patrick's Day and it is all about.... March 17th!  It features a ton of shamrocks and adorable flowers and I think it is versatile enough to use all spring!

All of these don't ship for a few more weeks and we will let you know when they head to the store.  If you are just itching to have any of these lines, call the store and we reserve you any papers and embellies!  Plus, you get the first phone call when it is in the store!

Now, go get crafty!