Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas Eve!

Can you believe it?  We have finally made it to Christmas Eve and the last of our 12 Days of Christmas deals.  I feel like the last two weeks have both flown and crept by at the same time.  I am going to hit all of this week's events, because this is my last post of the year!  I am going to take the rest of the week off to enjoy a little time with my family, but I will be back soon - PROMISE!

So, let's start with our deal of the day!

I love this WeRMemoryKeepers mat and I super love that it folds up really tiny!  I used to do all my scrapping on a large mat that was meant for sewing and using a rotary cutter.  I loved that the ruler built in made it easy to straighten and justify all my lines.  Eventually, I dropped it out of my regular cropping rotation because it got bent because of its large size.  But, this would be an amazing replacement!  These are only on special today, with payment!  Please call or send us a message and we will get one just for you.  Just a friendly reminder to call now, because we are closing early to be with our families. 

Okay... and now for the rest of the week! 

Once you are finished with Christmas and ready to get out of the house, come see us!  Saturday is our LAST VIC DAY of the year.  We will have lots of goodies and 25% off your total for our VIC's!  This is a great way to make those Christmas gift cards go just a little bit further :)  Not sure if you are a VIC, you can check this way - do I have a blue card when I shop?  Am I in the Facebook VIC group? Or just give us a ring at the store! 

And, we will see some of your at 10am to create an ENTIRE Christmas album with Sara!  This class has been super popular and sold out in a hurry.  If you are dying to get in, feel free to join the waitlist.  I can't make any promises, but it is the best option you have!

Or, you can join us just after the new year for this super adorable mini-album! I think this is a super cute alternative to a December Daily!  This is a winter mini-album from Simple Stories.  What a great way to document your memories for the next few months.  You will have everything you need to create this adorable album featuring the line Freezin' Season!  There are a few seats left in this class right here!
You can take a flip through when you are in the store for your VIC shopping day!  There is a sample of this album next to the check out station! 

Now, go get crafty and your Christmas spirit on! 
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season full of peace, love, delicious food, and wonderful memories for your scrapbook!

Friday, December 21, 2018

A Little Neat Treat!

Woohoo!  Happy Friday everyone! 

We are sliding in to the end of school, Christmas deals, and awesomeness!

Before we get to the deal of the day, I wanted to share a friendly reminder!  Yesterday, Sara sent out reminder emails for the February Out of This World crop!  Balances are due right after the new year (January 4th to be exact) and there are other deadlines in there too.  If you are registered for the crop and DID NOT get an email, call the store to make sure that we have the right email address.  You can also call to pay your balance as well :) If something popped up and you cannot make the retreat, please call us and let us know.  We are so sad you can't make it, but the waitlist for this event is LONG!

Okay!  On to the deal of the day.... No one likes a cluttered workspace, ever! Especially when you are trying to get a little work done - rifling through papers and whatnot is a real challenge.  So, we have an awesome Table Tidy deal for you!  Today's deal includes 4 Table Tidy's!  One large unit, the medium one, and two small ones.  They hook together and hang from the side of the table :)  So, they don't take up table space - in fact they give you a little bit more. 

Sara has all the details on how they work!

For all 4 of these parts, the retail price is $67.  We have them today for $47!  Whaaat!  I love it!  And, this is a great companion for your next three day scrapbook adventure at the Out of the World Crop!

Send us a message on the Facebook page or give us a call!  A friendly reminder that we have to have payment to hold this steal of the day for you.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page for TWO MORE deals this weekend!

Now, go get crafty! 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Happy Thursday everyone!

On the ninth day of Christmas, Scrappin' In The City brought to me.... Jennifer McGuire?  Almost!  We are bringing a spectacular bundle of her very favorite things! 

This bundle includes 9 items and is perfect for a new or experienced card maker in your life.  I think it is perfect little batch of stocking stuffers and is full of crafting essentials.  It includes a bead smith tray, jewel picker (these are so popular), pen blade, ultrafine-tip bottles, t-square ruler, micropore tape, single full adhesive post-it pad, Pack of 25 sheets of Neenah cardstock, and a sand eraser!

What!  Isn't that awesome!  These are all things you will see in Jennifer's videos that she uses on a regular basis.  This awesome deal is priced at $26 - perfect for any budget.  This is a friendly reminder that we must have payment to hold product for you!

I think my favorite item from that list is my sand eraser.  I love it and use it all the time with my lettering.  I just finished Christmas cards and they were hand lettered.  However, because I am a lefty, I am forever dragging my hand through stuff.  This was no exception.  Here is a before picture of my cards...

That smudge looks awful!  And then, a little love from my sand eraser and VOILA!  A brand new looking envelope!

Don't forget to call today to grab your day 9 bundle - you will love it!

Now, go get crafty!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday with Tim!

Happy Wednesday!

We are halfway through the work week and more than halfway through the 12 Days of Christmas!

I am so excited to share today's special with you all!  And, I am not going to lie, I had to do a little research about this product.  It has been out for a while, but I didn't know what made it special.  And, then, after a deep dive into the scrapbooking side of Youtube, I found this amazing tutorial with more than 40 (!!) ways to use the Tim Holtz Glass Mat!

Yup!  That's right, today's special is the Tim Holtz bundle! For just $46, you get a glass mat, replacement surface AND tool set!  This is everything your favorite crafter needs.  And, I think it is a great gift to give someone too!  All you have to do is call the store, pay over the phone, and take your kit home.  If you are ordering online, it does have a $10 flat rate shipping fee, because of size and weight.

And, Sara wanted to show you some of her favorite techniques too! 

So, give us a ring and get your own set!

Now, go get crafty!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Card Storage

Happy Tuesday! 

Can you believe Christmas is just one week away!?!  One of my favorite parts of this time of year is getting beautiful cards from friends all over the country.  I love seeing all the big changes - marriages, children, all the good stuff!  I hang them up in my front entry so  I can see them every time I go up and down the stairs.  But, the worst part of Christmas cards - throwing them away at the end of the season!  While I know it is perfectly fine - and other people do it - it hurts my spirit just a touch to throw them in the trash.  Especially the beautiful home made cards by my crafty friends!

So, after a little research, I found this adorable, reasonable, and doable Christmas card storage technique!  All you need is a hole puncher and a binder ring!

You can use one binder ring to make it a corner flip or two for a more book like feel!  I love the simple cover made with a little bit of scrapbook paper to announce the year.  Seriously, this is like a 10 minute project and you can enjoy the cards for years to come!

And, in case you thought the fun was over today, we have more!  Another amazing 12 Days of Christmas deal - on Die Cut N Bond!  Today only, a huge roll is just $14!  This stuff always flies off the shelf and Sara is here to share a little bit more information.

Now, go get crafty!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!  

We are just one week away from Christmas week.  I don't know about you, but we are in Christmas overdrive around here with tons of baking, cleaning, and wrapping!  Plus, today is my husband's birthday, so we are also in birthday mode too!  

I know those last minute preparations are stressful, so I wanted to share one of my favorite tricks for decreasing holiday stress... essential oils!  If you are not familiar with essential oils, this is a super brief recap.  There is tons of information online, but oils take the best properties of natural substances and share their benefits with us.  For example, peppermint is great for remembering (I gave it to my students during TCAP), and now you can diffuse a little peppermint while wrapping.  It helps with memory and gives a great holiday smell too!  

We are so excited to be carrying Plant Therapy Essential oils and diffuser at the store!  These come in lots of different oils and are great for experienced oil-ers or brand new ones.  Plus, this makes a super cute gift too!  So grab a little frankincense and start diffusing!  You will feel (and smell) the holiday season and the stress just melt away!

And, before I go, here is Sara with today's 12 Days of Christmas deal on Washi rings!  They are a great way to organize your ever-growing collection of washi tape.  Remember, the deal is ONLY good today and payment is required for product to be held for you!  Thank you! 

Now, go get crafty!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Annual Gift Card SALE

Just a quick reminder about our annual Gift Card Sale going on THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!
For every $50 you spend you get an additional $10 gift card for free :)  whoop whoop

Call the store at 865-247-6879 to claim your deal!
Have a great weekend,

Friday, December 14, 2018

Fabulous Friday!

Can you guys believe it?  I can hardly believe we have made it to the weekend.  This week has been crazy, but at this time of year, I feel like every week is crazy. 

But, if you want to get out of the house and have a little creative time - it always helps my blood pressure - join Margaret and Amanda Hillard for Inky Chicks!  The focus will be lettering (I want to come!!) and blending.  Amanda will teach you guys some amazing tricks for blending your letters and adding some textures.  You can grab your seat right here!   I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Before we get to today's information - y'all took advantage of yesterday's deals!  I am so excited for you ladies - you will love love love this tool in your scrap arsenal.  If you guys think those are great, just wait for this weekend! 

Today's deal is amazing too!  Our favorite trimmers are on sale.  The Cutterpillar AND the Tim Holtz Guillotine trimmer have an amazing deal.  The Cutterpillar Crop is normally priced at $93.59 and we have it today for $65!!!!!  What!  It is lit by LED lights for some amazing precision trimming AND has an 18" folding arm so you can measure really long things. 

And, Tim will not be left out.  One of our favorite guillotine trimmers, the Tim Holtz trimmer is usually $25.29 is on sale for $18!  This trimmer is a bit smaller, but has a soft handle for intensive long long scrapping days. 

Sara has more details right here! 

Now, go get crafty (and call us to get the lowdown on these sales!)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

On the Second Day of Christmas...

My true love said, let's go craft!

Our fabulous mixed media master Margaret is making super super adorable pieces to your HOME series!  Today, she is bringing us a snowman AND a Santa face!  The class today is offered at 12pm AND 6pm and your registration includes one of these adorable faces. 

See the faces here... I can't get blogger to let me post a picture!

If you want in the class, call the store!  Online registration is closed, but you can check availability with our awesome Chicks. 

Plus, while you are in the store, grab our holiday deal of the day for these amazing etched rulers.  They are must have's for your craft collection AND are perfect to slide down the back of a stocking! 

Get all the information straight from Sara right here!

Our 12 Days of Christmas deals are good for today ONLY!  You can call the store to get yours - payment must be given to secure your awesome deal. 

Now, go get crafty! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lawn Fawn Reveal Week AND The First Day of Christmas!

Good morning y'all! 

Today, I feel like Santa!  I have tons of goodies headed your way and I can't wait to share them.  Today is definitely going to be a scroll all the way day... I am starting with Lawn Fawn and ending with an INCREDIBLE deal!

So, as always, this is going to be a huge huge picture dump!  All of this is headed on over to the store and it is your time to grab some preorders!  Call the store with your wishlist and we will get an invoice to you - over the phone or Paypal - so when it rolls in the door, you are ready to go!  I also heard a little elf tell me that Lawn Fawn is an excellent stocking stuffer!

Amazingly, this is not even all of the inspiration for just three days of Lawn Fawn release!  Not going to lie, this may be a few of my favorites... this release is all things Valentine's Day.  The love is apparent lawn fawn! 

 The front is cute... but those critter booties have me swooning!  

Not going to lie, the brand new lines have me drooling... and I think that little raccoon box add-on has stolen my heart!

Okay... and now onto the first day of Christmas!  The rules are simple; the deal is good for today only!  You must pay to hold your product. 

We have something better than a partridge in a pear tree... a brand new Scrappin' Easel!

These bad boys are always a favorite and fly out the door (especially if you are getting ready for the February retreat!)  Regularly priced at $80, we have them today for $60!  If you do need shipping, it will be an extra $10 because of weight, but still a better price than you can get anywhere else!  In store pick ups obviously do not have the shipping price!  Sara has more details too!

Call to snag your deal... or forward this blog post to someone you love who is looking for the perfect gift for you!

Now, go get crafty!