Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Cool Tool Alert!

You may have caught this bad boy in the last live un-boxing Sara did on Facebook!  It is a super cool, new tool that you have to have for all your tiny project needs!  This Marvy Jewel Picker is perfect for all things tiny that drive you crazy!

We have found it has the perfect, slightly tacky tip for small die cut papers, sequins, and small flowers!  Plus, it is really tiny and will tuck right in your tool bag.  And my favorite part, the $5.39 price tag!  Hooray for a cheap (and USEFUL) goodie! 

We have them listed online at this link or you can drop by the store!  I heard we have just a few left, but no fear!  Just request one and we can order it for you and call you when it comes in the door! 

Plus, here is one of our favorite ladies, Jennifer McGuire talking about it and showing you how to use it in the video below.  She shares her five favorite tools and the Jewel Picker is first in the video! 

Now, grab one and get crafty with the little tiny things!

PS - Wouldn't this be great for tiny Lawn Fawn dies in class this weekend?  Not signed up, check it here and here

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