Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My New Must Have!

Alright y'all... this week just got way more exciting!  Now, many of you know that I am not exactly a mixed media guru... I typically stick to layouts and lettering, but I just got an email from Sara that may have changed my life! 

So, I think these have been in the store for a few weeks, but I had no idea that they did this!  Today, I want to share with you the magic of Nuvo Shimmer Powder!  A couple of things... #1, they look like regular Nuvos, so keep a sharp eye out!
And, #2, they come in single colors and blends!  I love the blends because it takes the guess work out of color matching and saves me from having to buy all the colors!  

Now, onto the real information... you use them with water in two different ways!  You can wet your paper first, tap out some color and watch the magic happen OR you can combine the powder and water and use it like a really bold and vibrant watercolors.  

Check this video right here for a little bitty minute and a half tutorial filmed at Creativation!
I can't wait to use these as lettering backgrounds and I was thinking how perfect these colors would be for a unicorn card!  Squeee!  I can't wait to get started with these!  Plus, they ring in at $5.29 - a really reasonable price for something that is so versatile.  And, I was thinking they colors could probably be swirled by the little dental brushes we shared on the blog a few weeks ago! 

Ready to get your Nuvo Shimmer Powder?  You can grab yours online right here!  Or, swing by the store and grab your bottle before they are gone! 

Now, go get crafty!

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  1. This will keep me busy for a long-g-g while! Thanks!