Wednesday, June 24, 2020

New Line Coming Soon!

Happy Wednesday everyday!

I hope you guys are having a great week!  I wanted to share this new line with you all.  It doesn't ship until July and I am not sure exactly how we will handle distribution... but it is definitely ordered!  So, check out this SUPER ADORABLE line from Photoplay.  It is called The New Normal.  I love how it has all the new "catchphrases" of the pandemic.  It brings some fun and light into some of the most stressful times.  These are some of my favorite pieces and parts of the line!

If you are itching to have this line, go ahead and send us a message - we will file it in the order book for you!  Once things settle down a bit, we will figure out how to do orders and all the good things that come along with it!  We so appreciate everyone's patience as we find... the new normal!

Now, go get crafty!

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  1. Love this line! I don't have more than a few pictures related to the pandemic but I am planning on doing a lot of journaling, and to have these great patterned papers and fun stickers to highlight the story will make it something my grandchildren will want to read.