New Crafting Surfaces Headed Here Soon!

Hi Friends!

I hope you all have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend!  I am hoping to squeeze in a little bit of crafting time... but we will see!  I am so so so excited about these new craft surfaces that have been ordered already!

We R Memory Keepers has released a new line of 5 different craft mats and surfaces.  I can't wait to share them with you... and why you need each one!  They are perfect for different styles and types of crafters - something for everyone!

First up... the paper mat!  With 40 sheets, this tear off set up is great for testing out stamp combinations, making notes, doodles, or checking those ink colors!  And, at 24x18inches, you will have tons of space for layouts, cards, or banner making!

This is a glass mat!  I know my mixed media friends know how awesome they are!  It is great for blending or mixing, gluing or cutting for any type of project.  It is easy clean up and also in 24x18inches, big enough for any project you are working on!

Any seamstresses in the house?  This is a self-healing cutting and craft mat!  It is perfect for tiny detail work - especially if you love to use an exacto knife or a rotary cutter.  This one is also 24x18 inches and a great all purpose mat too!  Plus it is lighter weight than glass, so good for travel!

This one is an 11x6 inch foam mat!  It is perfect for puncturing or piercing your pages!  Looking for a hand pierced design to harness your inner Paige Evans?  This is the mat for you!  Poke your holes, keep your paper crisp, and your fingers in tact!

Unfortunately these next two do not have cool "in-use" images but they are great!  The first one is a silicone mat.  If you love to emboss, this is the mat for you.  It is heat resistent and wipes clean easily from glue or paint.  I love to use this one with my tool that seals up my project life pockets!  It is 8.5x11 inches.
 And, last, but definitely not least is the gel mat!  It is just the right amount of sticky for tiny things.  It holds beads and gems in place, along with tiny pieces of paper or supplies for print making.  The gel mat is also 8.5x11 inches.  I think this would be a great gift if you have a friend who is a crafter into beads or sewing. 
Now, I just need a mat that holds my scissors in front of my face, because I can never find those!  Which ones of these do you think is a must-have in your craft space?  I love that they are all really versatile and easy to clean!  

Sara has ordered these, but they haven't shipped yet!  We are hoping they are on their way soon!  If you can't wait, go ahead and call or message and we can add your favorite to the order book!

Now, go get crafty - and come see us!  We are definitely open for shopping, browsing, and a little fun!


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