Monday, April 6, 2020

Brand New Online Card Class!

Happy Monday everyone!

I am very happy to report that this weekend I got to do my first scrapbooking since I had a baby in October (YIKES)!  It was delightful and I am hoping to re-find my mojo soon!  Thank goodness for scraplifting and the treasure trove of ideas that is Instagram. 

Keeping busy has not particularly been a challenge with two tiny people around the house, but I am definitely looking for something to stretch my adult brain and I am so excited to have found the perfect new activity!  One of our most favorite card makers, Jennifer McGuire, is teaming up with some amazing artists to offer a new Spring Card Camp class that kicks off this Saturday.  It is $25 for 20 days of amazing new cards.  It is all about making two-for-one cards.  You will get a new video each day and lots of great content!  Find out more information about the class at this link right here!

Jennifer has some GORGEOUS inspiration cards on her instagram - which you can find right here!  I am not typically a card maker, but these pictures make me want to start.  Plus, this is a great time to send a card to a friend, your favorite essential worker, or resident of a senior living community!  In fact, you can send a whole bunch to a senior community to be distributed without knowing names!  Put that stash to good use :)

Now, go get crafty!

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