Birthday Card Inspiration!

Happy Friday!

We are ramping up birthday season in our family - with lots of spring and summer birthdays.  I like to keep a handful of cards on hand for the moment that I realize I have to get a card in the mail in 6 minutes in order for it to be on time (anyone else?).  And, because I am not that organized, I find that generic cards work best for me, so they can be used for anyone on my list.

So, I found these adorable brightly colored rainbow cards and I think they are perfect for people of all ages on your card list!  I am also a batch card creator (it isn't my favorite craft), so I love that these can be created with dies, stamps, and leftovers!

Watercolor stripes??? Yes please!

Who doesn't love a simple heart punch!?!

 I love the two different takes on this card - a watercolor based dot and old hole punch circles!

Love these brightly colored butterflies!

So much better than opening a card full of real confetti!

 I love the white on white here. So subtle and super easy!

 Extra twine or old embroidery floss... time for a super cute tassel!

Didn't Lawn Fawn have a tiny envelope die recently?  What a perfect way to use it on a card!

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

Now, go get crafty!


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